Who can help an absolute beginner connect a motor? :)


I'm supposed to do a project for school (a design project - not programming)

And I'm stuck on the silly simple things - that should be simple ....but aren't yet for me. 

I hope you can help me with that. 


So, I have an Arduino, a motor (6-14V), a orange thingy (yebb, that's how much newbie I am!!!) and some batteries. 

But how do I connect it all without frying the arduino? :D

I've seen many "how-to's", but they all have breadboards. 


Can you help me?

Maria and Moon (the robot) 

From what I can distinguish

From what I can distinguish in the picture, there are 4 pins to the orange thingy (motor driver). M- is where you would solder a wire from your motor and M+ is where you would solder the other one. Than you have V where you solder the red or the positive (anode) wire from your power supply. Finaly, you have GND where you solder the black or the negative (cathode) wire from your power supply. Oh and if you have a manual or a pdf it can really help.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

look for a number on the

look for a model name and/or number on the ‘orange thingy’ (motor driver), and google it + ‘datasheet’ and see if u can
find a manual.
also find the manual for that ‘sensor shield 2.0’ u have on the arduino.

failing that, see if u can read the markings on the little ic next to the white header and find a datasheet for that.
you can ignore the bigger black one next to that, i’m pretty sure thats just a power regulator.

from the looks of it i’d say Markamas is right, only he doesn’t account for the input to the motor driver.

motor drivers need:
-motor output (2x for each motor)
-motor input (signal that tells the motor driver what to do)

you need to find out what exactly those white headers on the arduino output row are.
(i suspect power + ground + signal)
also you need to find out what the motor driver (red thingy) needs as input.

this is pure speculation, but i suspect you can just connect the white header on the arduino output row to the white header
on the motor driver.
possibly the chip on the motor driver needs power from that header, and the power going into the
screw terminal does not power the motor driver, but only the motors.

i guess its also possible that the white header on the motor driver is actually for
cascading multiple motor drivers so u can use them on a single i/o pin from the arduino.

in any case the only way to be sure is to get the technical data for your components.


**:confused: **

Well, that’s the thing - 

There’s no manual, no names and no numbers! 

I wrote all the info I got with it. 


But thanks for your answers. 

The 8 pin surface mount chip

doesn’t have any markings on it?

One more time?

So, on the Orange I have M- M+ +V and GND

On the motor I have two “pins” sticking out

And then I will need batteries. 

How do I connect it if:

Red= input