Which voltage regulator to use?

Hello all,

For my project, I intend to use a 3.7V LiPo, 4400mAh for my datalogger. 

With my Arduino Pro Mini comes the MIC5205 LDO regulator which I'm using now but I intend to build my own PCB and am looking into other regulators / buck-boost converters.

Which ones would you recommend? I'm very new into this so any help is appreciated.

The lm2596 is a very good

The lm2596 is a very good voltage regulator. You will find many cheap lm2596 modules on ebay. They can handle upto 3Amps of current. And there’s also a potentiometer if you want to vary the range of your output.

EDIT: Of course, they are 5V regulators.

Low power

The goal is to drive a datalogger from a 3.7V LiPo 4400maH battery for as long as possible. No high power needed, the circuit, as it stands now, only requires 20mA peak to run. Adding sensors in the future will see an increase in current but I don’t expect it to rise above 150mA.


All in all, efficient regulator needed for a low power application running on 3V3. the input will come straight from the LiPo battery.

Well, the RTC will handle

Well, the RTC will  handle anything up to 5.5V so no problem there, the temp sensor will do the same. It’s the micro SD-card I’m worried about, I don’t think it’ll handle the 4.2V.

I’ll look into the MCP1700, thanks for your ideas.

You might want to look in to

You might want to look in to my low power shield



If you want the cheapest

If you want the cheapest solution I recommend using a parametric search tool like on mouser.com, then sorting the results by price.  But note that the recommended supporting components may differ between the regulators which could play a factor in price as well.  If price is less of an issue, and you just want a good all around 3.3v regulator in your parts bin, I recommend something like the MCP1825S.