Which motor should I use for my robot?

Hey guys I've made my first robot's body. It includes a thick and rigid cardboard main frame, Arduino with a motor shield, an HS-422 servo and a Ping)) distance sensor . Now when I run this bot when I hold it seems all right but when I keep it on the ground nothing works. It hardly moves. Please give me any suggestions for the body, motors,placement of things etc. I am basically trying to make a wall avoiding robot.Also could you tell me that what will 4Kg cm torque for a motor mean. Please tell me the specs of the motor that i will require also(torque, rpm, etc).

Lemme guess…

Currently you have your wheels attached directly to your motors and the motors contain no gears, right? If this is the case, you will need geared motors. Start there.


OK thanks, but could you tell me the specifications of the motor if possible

gear motors

Start shopping for gear motors. That means: start studying gear motors. Look them up in the component database. Read about them in the webshops. Compare prices. Compare other robots.

And then, when you’ve got a very specific question, start a new forum topic. Make the subject as specific as you can. And make sure to include as much info about your work as possible. With sketches, diagrams, code, videos and photographs of your frustrated face.

And smile! :sunglasses: