Which motherboard (basic stamp?) to choose

hello me and some friends are making a robot, and i would like to know which motherboard(basic stamp?) to choose. i need something above average to put several kinds of sensors and stuff on it. any ideas?

thanx in advance:)

well i think most of the
well i think most of the microcontrollers use here on LMR are fine for using them with several sensors. If you’re new to microcontroller programming you could get a picaxe, easy and fast to learn.

The picaxe is cheaper than

The picaxe is cheaper than the basic stamp and comes in different connection(pin) sizes(8pin-40pin). Getting a 28x2 or 40x2 would be your best bet for being able to connect to the most sensors plus most people on here have used them so there is a pretty good base of knowledge.

so by buying one of the first and two microcontrollers would i be able to start making my robot?And if yes what can this support?(servo’s , sensors etc) thanx in advance :—)

I have been programming in

I have been programming in the Basic Stamp $59 and the Propeller which is $8-39 USD depending on the package.

I have a question also on the PICAXE. Are they listed in the microcontroller section of the components pages of LMR? All of the ones that I looked at are listed as "not released yet".

What are the current PICAXE models and where would I buy one?

first thing: the X2 parts

first thing: the X2 parts (28X2 and 40X2) just came out so you should get those instead, they only cost a little more (see voodoobot’s post). If you want you can get the 3v versions at the same price, i’d personally get those.

second thing: you should really tell us how many things you’ll be connecting (just an idea, not the exact number) because maybe a smaller one would do (less space, less money).

yes, though I would look at

yes, though I would look at the star here link to get an idea of what you’ll need to make a simple one. It uses the simple components you mentioned, ir sensor, some low power motors and servo. This is a good intro into what you’ll be getting into as well as the tools that you’ll need.

Just a note,if you just want a ready to build setup, the boebot works, if want to try and build something then go with the starthere bot.

tech-supplies.co.ukthe X2


the X2 parts (last edition, more advanced) parts just came out. They are the 40X2, 28X2 and 20X2 ( i think this last one is still unavailable). You should get them in the 3v version, unless it’s a matter of compatibility or some other stuff…

Could you please send a link
Could you please send a link for the X2 parts you are saying about?

Well at first we were thinking for two servo motors,Remote controlling(can u also tell us how we can make the rc system{links>}) and we will install ir sensor for avoiding obstacles.

they are in the links you
they are in the links you posted!! just go to the picaxe chip section and you’ll find them there. As for remote controlling, search here on LMR the string “easy radio”, might help.

ok so
ok so motherboard and two of thoose right? 4 more questions : 1) can we program them on our own? or we have to download ready programs to run them and second how do it connect the motherboard to my pc? (i cant see any port on it thats why am asking, )and third is there a way to connect a camera on motherboard? so it will be bale to save pictures? and 4 is any module or something that can connect the motherboard to the net? and somehow upload pictures?


Start looking at the manuals

Start looking at the manuals as they pretty much answer all of your questions. As for a camera, depends on what you mean by hooking it up. I’d just get started with getting a robot to roll forward and detect object before thinking about cameras and other things.

You will be programming the robots, ie wrtiting your own code. It’ll help to look at code that other people have posted to save you time and also to learn.

check the manual for how to connect it to a pc. You’ll be using either usb or serial(oldschool) .


and manuals can be found
and manuals can be found at?..

I suggest first to get your
I suggest first to get your robot to roll and avoid objects. There are many IP camera’s that can transmit video to your Wi-Fi router and that can be seen on the internet. Plus there are several network boards that connect the internet to a robot so that you can click on a button on a web-page and the device converts it to customizable serial commands that will work with any microcontroller.

ok all i need to know now is
ok all i need to know now is where can i find the manual for this and if this is compatible with this thanx

Click on the "Data Sheet"

Click on the “Data Sheet” link for manuals but here is the link that I found:



is the AXE022 model
is the AXE022 model compatitable with the 3v x2 version microcontroller?

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