Which linear actuator from RobotShop would be suitable for my project


I request for your help in finding the suitable Linear Actuator from robotshop.com. The specifications of my requirement are mentioned below:

  1. Min. Stroke Length : 100 mm (4”)
  2. Min. Actuation Force : 200 N (45 lbs)
  3. Potentiometer or Optical Feedback for Position Control
  4. Built-in Limit Switch
  5. Operating Voltage : 12V / 24V / 48V
  6. Compact Size

Application : This actuator would be used for tilting of rotor in large aircraft for static wind testing only. Hence, weight is not an important criteria.

Thanks & regards,
Rakesh Vaskar,

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Hello @RakeshV99 and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend this one: https://www.robotshop.com/products/4-stroke-150-lbs-force-linear-actuator-w-potentiometer

I hope this helps.

Hello @igor_X,

Thank you for your assistance. This works perfectly for me.

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Good to hear that :slight_smile: