Where to find Nozzle for Braava Jet 240?


I’m trying to find this part all around the web. it’s the nozzle for iRobot braava jet 240. The end part from where the precision water spray comes out.

I’ve looked here, on Aliexpress, everywhere… don’t seem to find anyone selling this part… IRobot does not sell this part, they told me to buy a new robot!!! are they crazy??

Does anyone here have an idea where should I be able to find this part?

thanks in advance.

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Hi @BrunoCosta and welcome to our forum.

If manufacturer doesn’t sell it as a spare part, then it really will be hard to find it.

Your solution can be that you find same robot model but used one (working or non-working condition) with good nozzle and then replace the parts.

yeah… it seems that’s probably the only way. thanks for your support!

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You are welcome!