Where to begin?

Hello I am totally new at this I am 21 in engineering (so a relatively smart person) but I want to get into this hobby.

My end goal is to make a robot like off of battle bots or something like that. I have no idea where to begin, what would you guys suggest (preferably R/C controlled)

Thanks for the help in advanced

If fighting it’s your main goal

you should go here: http://www.fightingrobots.co.uk/forum.php

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Hey snake,

I see this question come up a lot so I took the liberty of making a couple videos on the subject. They should give you exactly what you need to get started.

Hit http://rocketbrandstudios.com  and, on the right hand sidebar, hit "I want to make a robot and I have no idea how"

There are 2 videos, watch the first --and if it does not scare you away, watch the second. They will give you enough info that you can start googling and filling in some of your gaps.

Thanks guys! next step?

Thanks for all your help guys this has really peaked my interest (my wallet isnt too happy with me because of this). Chris you talked about arduino and when I googled it I saw they had a bunch of starter kits which one would you recomend keeping in mind that I have some experince in coding (matlab, labview, python) but no experince with micro controllers.

should I get something like this? that seems to start from scratch but not really robot orented.

or is there a better place to start like that tadpol? 

If you want to begin

If you want to begin learning off of Arduino, I would highly recommend reading “3D Arduino Projects for the Evill Genius” by Simon Monk. It walks you through some fun and basic arduino functions… Hope this helps :)