Where can we find the documentation for iPower Motor GM3506 Brushless Gimbal Motor w/ AS5048A Encoder

I bought this motor, but not sure where to find information like pinout. Thank you for your help!

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Hi @hanghaotian!

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Here are the datasheets for the motor and the encoder:

AS5048A,B.pdf (1.2 MB)

We hope this helps.

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There are online projects that have driver code for this encoder. In my own development I noticed that the error bit (bit 14 of each response frame) was getting set. I didn’t capture the exact error from the AGC register but I intuited that the device wasn’t happy with the magnetic field, so I put a paper shim (0.015" thick business card) under the AS5048A and I got a clean signal thereafter. The scope trace (SCK & MISO) shows the AGC, magnitude and angle registers with the EF bit clear. I found that reading all three registers sometimes gave a wrong angle value but a read of just the angle register gave consistent values.

Note that the signal is quite noisy and the ENOB (effective number of bits) seems to be only 11 which is disappointing to me. Perhaps the annular magnet used by the manufacturer of the gimbal is suboptimal - the documentation for the transducer shows a puck style magnet.