When pressing reset it alternates between blue and orange light on litter robot 3

the blue light is flashing and when i press reset it goes to quick orange, when pressed again it goes back to blue etc. i have cleaned the pinch sensors and still the same.

I cleaned the pinch sensors and the hood sensors and still the same

the item (litter robot 3) looks to be still in warranty as it was purchased on the 16/04/2021 and should have a 24 month warranty on it?

what should i do?

You can take a look it the troubleshooting guide until team Robotshop contacts you.

I have looked at them all and nothing has helped, thank you though

Have you got any help from Team Robotshopbd so far?

Not here no, nothing yet.

Hello @KittyNyah,

Welcome to RobotShop community.

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Litter-Robot.

Please provide us with your order number or a copy of the invoice to check the warranty.

The issue you are having is related to the DFI sensor.

You will need to clean the 2 green circuit boards and the 2 plastic brackets of the sensor using isopropyl alcohol and a Q-Tip to remove any rust or dust from them.

Here’s a video to help you locate these parts:

We will also need to see the 3 pairs of contact pins shown in the following videos:
Anti-Pinch Pins:

Bonnet’s Pin:

Base’s Pin:

No need to take them out of the robot, we only need to see them from the outside.

If you find this too complicated for you, you can send us the robot for repair.

Awaiting your reply.