What to use, an Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

I am part of an Autonomous Vehicle team in Robotics. We are tasked with making a robot that navigates a course autonomously without any connection to any outside source other than GPS. It will include, but is not limited to, a GPS, Gyroscope, Compass, 4 DC motors, and Machine Vision Camera. I cannot provide specifics about those components as we are choosing our brain before any specific components. With all of this in mind, would it be more advantageous to use an arduino or raspberry pi? Thanks!

Hi @colerweav and welcome to the forum!

Your project sounds interesting!

Basically, I think, you could use either of them. But, because of Machine Vision Camera, probably Raspberry Pi would be a better choice.

I imagine it something like this: https://www.robotshop.com/en/sunfounder-smart-video-car-sd-card-raspberry-pi-3.html

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My two cents… much depends on GPIO and interfaces to all the devices in the overall system. I suggest gather all general information regarding the interfaces and how they will work when active in the overall system. This could be very critical to how code is structured and how the system plugs together.

General options are, all in one and another is divide into sub-control-processors. The sub-processor approach would then require a communication protocol between the top level control and sub level devices. All in one requires lots of GPIO and other serial ports.

It is never easy to make this determination without a good idea of the peripheral devices, communications, space available, etc…