What is the best way to communicate wirelessly from one arduino to another

I have 2 arduino megas and would like to send the potentiometer values of one arduino to control servos conected to the other arduino and I have never used any wireless things with arduino before I have a 433mhz transmitter and a reciever but havent been able to find any useful code for it and was wondering what other wireless devices i could use for sending potentiometer values wirelessly to another arduino easily . Any sugestions and example code and where to buy it would be greatly apreciated thank you

Just got back from the googles…

I went ahead and googled “Arduino 433mhz” (using the google) and the google brought me to this forum post  (on the first page of results)


I skimmed the comments and found a link to an updated library that will work with your 433mhz units. 


I can google more for you if the above links don’t work for you.



i have a problem with a arduino

i now have a problem of uploading code to one of my arduinos it comes up with unable to upload ans this

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

do you know how i would go about fixing it before i uploaded it i tryed turning it on and the L led on the board started flashing really fast and one of the servos was twitching heaps

**the code that was in the link **

the code that was in the link was quite confuseing but i have looked at it before and have had it working but it could only send words

over into the serial screen and i couldnt figure out how to send potentiometer values over it

any other ways of comunicateing wirelessly to arduino

would you know any other ways of comunicateing wirelessly to arduino other then useing a 433mhz transmiter and reciever easily?

Sure, let me google that for you

Ok, again --I went to the googles and again, searched “Arduino 433mhz” this time, I found this:


and this


and this


I could keep going, but I have to admit this is not a very efficient way of searching. Instead of searching google, then cutting and pasting the links here, I think it would be faster if you did the googling directly. This way, you would not have to wait for my responses to be posted here. I would bet this could increase the efficiency of our searching system by quite a bit. I used “Google” which can be found here:


You not is sync problem is:

  • Wrong board specified 
  • USB driver needs a reinstall
  • Fried Chip
  • Blank Atmega instead of one bootloaded with Arduino
  • Or something else


Side note.
Side note here for Chris. A handy site you might like in this case is Let me google that for you :


Cool way to show new people how to google :stuck_out_tongue:
Comes in handy every now and then.

Transmit Characters and Numbers

Here is a component description of a 315MHz Transmitter. You can transmit characters and numbers. So the potentiometer values could be transmitted using this technology. Code is included.


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