What is a resonator

what is a resonator


Hmm. You might want to take

Hmm. You might want to take some time and do a bit of research yourself, rather than asking such a basic question.

Don’t get me wrong. Questions are fine, and we want to help you. However, learning how to research information is a skill that you need to develop if you are going to be sucessful at this hobby. Try doing a little digging on your own. Then if you have a more specific question or questions about how to apply a particular piece of knowlege, ask away!

It is …

similar to a crystal, but, it doesn’t require the external capacitors and it doesn’t provide quite as perfect of a signal(aka the tolerance isn’t quite as tight).

**i have searched quite a bit **

i have searched quite a bit but most of the stuff that comes up is to do with guitars and music

When doing searches, try to

When doing searches, try to add something like electronics to the search…so for google…try this search term:“electronics resonators” …you should get the results closer to what you are looking for… refine your searches, try different things… like “crystals and resonators” …

another couple terms you could use
Are mcu, uc, and microcontroller.

Good call sir!

Good call sir!

Good call Bird, I think your

Good call Bird, I think your correct.

Personally I have never found an answer to this question. (I have wondered about this for years!)

I thought it had something to do with component price but I didn’t think about the extra parts required angle.

A resonator and a crystal are basically the same price in volume.

But with the extra parts required that’s where the difference comes from.


Bird gets the imaginary LMR gold star of the day!


something like a NE555 :smiley:

something like a NE555 :smiley: