What did you do with your robot today?

What did YOU do with your robot today?


I’ll go first,

I started wiring a robot leg till I got bored.

Then purchased some color accents for my evil creation (insert evil laughter)



**Played with soap **

I took some advice a buddy gave me and played around with soapy water as a CNC lube.

Do tell.

How did that work?

Not exactly a robot but very

Not exactly a robot but very close :wink: I placed my BEAM solar head on a more sunny spot :wink:


today I placed an order for a tamiya tracked vehicle set as my robot’s chassis, and Im currently working on code ideas.


…have a breadborded theremin in front of me ready to be soldered… …tiny analog RC oscillator… …this is a new sense for a robot.

No robotics work, but I

No robotics work, but I worked on soldering up a guitar effect I got as a kit from Jameco. 


I sent gave him the idea of making his own cutting fluid as he had problems with engine oil as a cutting fluid.

Here’s the basis of my suggestion:

Check out the cutting fluid Tap Magic.

While they have some traditional oil based products. Their environmental/biodegradable product line is soap based cutting fluid.

Working on this…



  putting together Picaxe 14m and Driver Controller to make it go about more smoothly.  After testing it out this evening, I will mount them on the inside and go on from there.

  The Robot Platform is the “Full Drone” type built by TheAndroidMan.

  Note - The video of this platform starts at 1:08 into its play time.



ultrasonic radar is now working!

It is a sweeping HCSR-04 ultrasonic sensor, using salte as the base.




I finished wiring the first

I finished wiring the first leg, one to go :wink:



I found out my mig doesn’t have enough balls to weld aluminum.

A new combo welder is on the way!

So I can weld up a 2 segment chassis for my robot project.

Added a sanity check

That little light in the bottom right and the photocell circuit that checks to see if the computer is on before it attempts to power it on. keeps the bugs away :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m almost finished wiring

I’m almost finished wiring up the second leg.

On that topic, I hate it when you start wiring and find a better method after you’ve done half the project…doh!


I let ALF running on my desk

I let ALF running on my desk for fun.


Put googely eyes on it!(ok,

Put googely eyes on it!

(ok, and made it move, hooked up a pir sensor, and did some soldering too)

**Designing a robot for the **

Designing a robot for the AFRON “10 Dollar Robot” Design Challenge

Oh, we also want to get our

Oh, we also want to get our swarm bot for the AFRON done.



today I helped others with programming their robots


…also took some robot video and will edit it later and post it on youtube