What box for all my electronics?

Working on my 4x4 RC mower. What is a good box to put all the electronics in and what do I mount the boards to. I assume I need a fan for it with a filter to keep dirt out. I will have the following.

  1. 2x32 Sabertooth motor controller
  2. RC receiver
  3. arduino UNO
  4. tilt sensor board (Boy is that think small, like a stamp)
  5. a 6 channel relay board for my 12 volt components
  6. Probably a few other small things.

I have seen other projects with a clear lid the open it up and the boards are all mounting in it, but I cannot find that type of box, maybe I do not know the right search words.

Hello @BigfootAKADaryl!

You can find all the options available at the store in the Cases & Boxes section.

Since you mentioned a clear lid I think this could a good option:

If you are not able to find one that works for your project try searching for a “clear enclosure for electronics”

I hope that helps

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Search in Google or Amazon with “IP65 Junction Box” as the text, all in quotes.
IP65 is an industrial specification standard for an enclosure to be used in outdoor environments.
From the list results you can narrow down the size, color, whatever.

But IP65 enclosures are what your looking for.

Hope this helps!