Welcome to The Toy Challenge

Now you can both make your first robot, AND win a price!

You are also very welcome to join in, if this is not your first robot.


  • Find any old (or new & cheap) toy.
  • Rip out it´s guts! (just the electronics - but leave motors, lights, sensors etc it might have)
  • Insert your brain! (well - not your own, a microcontroller)
  • Add sensors!
  • Code, test and have fun!
  • Film the result at some point, and enter it on letsmakerobots.com!

- It is an extremely fun beginners-challenge to just take a cheap RC-car / boat / tractor / plane? … etc, and make it autonomous.

All you need could be:

If you go for the Picaxe, this board might have your interest as it can take a little more power


Toy must show ability to perform task autonomous. That is - to put it simple; if it was an RC-car, it should be a car that drives around by itself!

There are bonus and street-credit for extras, fun and coolness! And also provide us pictures if you are a nice person!

If we ever get 3 such robots in here on letsmakerobots.com, they will get extra focus for one month, and the one voted highest for by all visitors will win.

If we never get enough admissions, or if you do not win, “braining” an old toy is still one of the best ways to get started!! (and fun too)


One (cheap) RC-car or other toy of editors choice, send to you by mail. (so you can give it to your brother if he was not happy with you for spoiling he´s toy)


I am hoping to see your entry!

/ Fritsl

this sounds fun

this sounds like it would be fun to do wtih one of those remote controled boats that i’ve always wanted.

for truth justice and the american way

help i have a remote comtrol

help i have a remote comtrol car but its really old and i dont think it would work for this challenged can u please help me

btw it is call 710 scale radio control rhino

plzz help


Start by taking it apart and
Start by taking it apart and send a description of how it is made, including pictures. It’s much easier to help, if we know what we are going to help you with

Ok, so it’s only got one sensor but …

Here’s Rebounder, a speedy little robot made from a Tyco Super Rebound RC car


Ok, so it’s only got one sensor there, but it has had a compass on it once, too.

This already sounds like my

This already sounds like my current project…now if I can just get the time to finish it.


I don’t know when the

I don’t know when the challenge ends but I’ve got a 9 year old NIKKO BARRACUDA racing boat ready for hacking


Well, a challenge is never

Well, a challenge is never over, let us see what you can make out of it :slight_smile:

Here you go

Here you go :) 


i recently hacked one…

i recently hacked one…

check out mine. hope its not to late

i made this a while ago, and posted this waaaaay to late.


**are any toys ok? **

What if it is not an electronic one? 

That Was My Chipest Way With 3 Channel Reciver