Wearable device that beeps when you bring your hands near your face

My 7yr old son has trouble plucking his eyelashes. We’ve consulted doctors and tried all of the classic approaches that are meant to help you break the habit but none have worked so far. He’s eager to find a solution and came up with the idea below:

He would wear a small wristband and some kind of necklace or fake glasses and when the proximity between those two items fell below a threshold it would cause the wristband to vibrate/beep. I’m an electrical engineer and software engineer so I’d like to work on this with him, but I don’t know where to start.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @pdileo and welcome to the forum.

Seems like similar devices were already invented/manufactured/designed during COVID pandemic (or at least at the beginning of it). If you remember, they suggested to us that we don’t touch our face with dirty hands.

See these:

I hope this helps.