We just have GOT to get into FPV and head tracking

Any - I repeat; ANY robot will only get better with head tracking and FPV. And while at it, why not wear a XYZ sensing glove.

No, wait, while we are at it, why not make a copy of yourself; You take a step, it takes a step, you look right, it looks to the right.. Or you drive a virtual steering wheel in front of you, while you have sensors on, and that controls the car.

We have GOT to get into this! Tele presense is one thing, but transfering your natural movements..oh! Now you can be anything that you can build, go anywhere it can go - take a rat race against real rats, down the drain, climb where you could never climb - or fly like a bird, like this guy!


So this is what you have been up to…

have you been playing with your quad?

Yer, 1-6 propellers,

Yer, 1-6 propellers, extensive playing. But I kinda lean towards things with wings, after having “tried everything” related to multicopters/multi rotors - I think wings are more sexy than just raw propeller pushing. It appears so brute, anything but graceful, which is how I prefer my flying :slight_smile:


I need to add one of these pan/tilt things to my airplane…