W3bc4m-P4n-Tilt mechanism


Pan-tilt.zip (5063Bytes)

Well i made this one for a friend .

He has a laptop with a broken display but the embedded webcam works fine so he asked me to build

a pan-tilt mechanism for this webcam and so i did .

There is a video you can watch on how it works .

I used arduino and a couple hitec servos (micro)i dont remember the exact model number .

The arduino code you can find it here:


Wiring :

servo(right-left) goes to digital pin 2 of arduino(signal)

servo(up-down) goes to digital pin 8 of arduino(signal)

and servo's ground goes to ground and the same goes for vcc.

But you can find those inside the code for arduino there i declare and define the variables of the code.

And the programm i used to control it through the pc.

you can see it below:

special thanks to Angel-Scar who made the programm above in c#(because i dont know any .net language)

What this programm do is to send specific values to the arduino through serial port.

I hope you like it or find it helpful.




i am sorry, but a cant find the app for the serial port (got only the arduino code) and the detail for the wiring…thx blueangelodestiny

I don’t get it? What is to

I don’t get it? What is to be mounted where, what is to be controlled, by what?


there is explanation for everything.

the camera is simmilar to this one


and it is to be mounted on the rectangular surface that goes up-down and righ-left


The programm above sends specific values through the serial port to the arduino as i said before

and then the arduino  tells the servos what to do.

for example if you click the  right button on the programm the camera will turn right ,if you click the left the camera will

turn left and the same goes with up an down.

I attached the programm to the first post.



Any special reason not to

Any special reason not to use the Arduino servo library in your code?


i was going to use it but when i tried it ,for some reason it didn’t work .

the servos has gone crazy, doing some strange noises.

Source Code

Good day

Please send me the c# source code for this awesome project.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

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