Video transmission

Hi everyone,

I'm quite new in all of this, but i want to build a robot able to transmit video, and possibly sound. I've got a common webcam and I want to make it wire less, but I don't know how to do it.

I would apreciate any help from you lot.


Hi cpu_manu,I have 2 common

Hi cpu_manu,

I have 2 common usb webcams, and I wanted the same thing. I wanted it to produce a wireless video feed and I’m working on ranging with stereopsis. What worked for me was to use a regular computer for my robot. The computer has a standard wireless network card. Here are some pictures:

Loki’s head


Realtime wireless video processing - viewers are on applets in a browser


Loki's blog


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Thanks for the info. Anyway,

Thanks for the info. Anyway, I was thinking in a much smaller robot, I’ve thought about using a similar system to the one audio and video transmiters for home use.


If anyone knows how to “reproduce” this, please tell us and give instructions for the construction.

Thanks all.

If your issue is only size,

If your issue is only size, not price. Maybe you could try hooking up your cam to a palmtop computer. Many of these have wifi and bluetooth…


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This looks very cool and
This looks very cool and interesting, GroG!! :slight_smile:

Hi Frits,thanks … just

Hi Frits,
thanks … just starting to get results - it has taken a lot of work. I’ll have a walkthrough relatively soon… too slow & not good enough matching yet - there is an amazing amount of good firmware & software people use in their heads without even thinking about it … dang machines are stupid, and i’m not the best machine instructor :smiley:

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Well, the fact is that money

Well, the fact is that money is also important. I think, that if I managed to turn the USB of the webcam to a video conector, and had a strong enough electric supply (best batteries), I could manage to make the camera transmit with the device I introduced on my last post.

Anyway, this type of devices only reach to about 60 meters, but I think its enough, most remote controls dont reach very far either.

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Well, to tell the truth, composite video cameras are the same price as webcams. Sure you need to buy a transmitter, but you can buy a transmitter receiver pair for less than $40.

I use a disassembled 2.4GHz video sender unit. It’s great because the transmitter is also an IR receiver and the receiver is an IR transmitter, so I could send IR to the bot and receive video back.

Possible solution

I’ve been thinking about this, and I think that the best option (cheap and “good” in size) is to buy a black and white security camera, plugit to a reciver with a current supply and thats it. I think its the best option because you avoid the fuss of having to convert the USB to a analogue plug.

A very good idea too, posted by BaseOverApex, is to take away the dispensable parts of the emiter, such as the audio transmiter if you don’t want audi, of course!!

Not me…

Nope my solution has audio and no parts “taken away”. Just disassembled to reduce the physical size. Oh, any camera’s colour, too! Definitely skip the USB unless you want to have a laptop on your robot.