Vex Starter Kit

Im pretty new to robotics ,about 3 mon experience, but ive already built about 4 working robots, i work 6-7 days a wk and dont have alot of time to worry about getting all my different parts together for building a new robot so i am looking at buying a vex starter kit. I am wondering what its mech, elec, and programming limitations are and what programmer to get if i buy it.

I say do it.

I got a hold of a Vex kit and I am still using parts from it. I had no problem using the vex parts while adding my picaxe brains and sensors. Here you go:

And I easily hacked into the Vex RC unit to work with this guy.

(If you look closely, the pivot for the head is vex parts as well)

Nice bots man! Thanx 4 the
Nice bots man! Thanx 4 the help. What programming software would you suggest getting, i dont have alot of experience but im willing to learn, the three options are easyC2.0 Pro, ROBOTC and MPLAB?

Don’t use the Vex Brain!!!
I would suggest buying a picaxe 28x1 --the same one used in the “start here” post. If you try to stick with the Vex electronics stuff, you will find yourself forced to start buyiing all their (overpriced) moduals. Really, you can buy picaxe stuff which is all programmed in Basic and just plug your vex stuff into it. I.e. all the Vex servos are just standard servos, they just have a funny plug you will have to cut off and convert -no big deal. Also, if you are using a picaxe brain, there are a ton of people here who can help you with code, I don’t know of anyone who is using the Vex languages here.

Thanks 4 the info, i already
Thanks 4 the info, i already got the picaxe 28x1 and built the start here robot with srf05 and my own mods so i think il b good if i just get the vex hardware kit. Ill post a vid when i get my videocamera 2 work