Vex robotics kit

Ok, well my dad wants to go 50/50 with me on the vex R/C starter bundle here, Can I have some reviews on the overall system? Sorry if this is in the wrong forum


Though VEX is a good robot the parts are to bendable and easily breaks. Can be programmed in RobotC (BEST).
You can always buy the NXT with Tetrix parts (I don’t know where but Ill find out) more expensive though. I think you should buy the VEX anyway.
Positive with VEX is the amount of outputs/inputs.

/Emil Hemdal (SWE)

Get it…

My advice… Buy it, play with it as a RC car for a while… Then use all the parts (with a picaxe brain) to build a real robot. --Don’t buy any more of the Vex accessories, use the same parts everyone else is using. Here–





Five (And I am still using parts from the vex kit… All the pivots used on Walter’s head are from that same Vex kit…