Very new to robotics/want to make a life like pangolin

Hello I am very new to the world of robotics. I have been obsessing about creating a life like pangolin for me to cuddle and maybe one day help to save this precious creatures, but I have no idea where to start. I would love for it to walk, and respond to touch in a few different ways. I have no idea where to start.

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Hi @Winterpisces and welcome to our forum!

You have an interesting project, but also extremely hard if you really want to make a robot that looks like a living creature and if you have no experience in robotics :slight_smile: But nothing is impossible, so start working on it immediately :slight_smile:

I would first start with analyzing the real pangolin - how it moves, how it is “designed” etc.

Then, try to recreate its movement by using servo motors.

In the end, I think you would have to get a 3D printer and design 3D parts that would go on these servo motors and rest of the electronics.

I hope this helps a little bit.

This has been extremely helpful thank you. I have been researching everything I can including its skeleton and muscular movement. At the very least I would like for its head and tail to move when I touch it if I can get blinking in there that would be awesome. I have also been researching servos I’m not sure how to get a touch sensor and a servo to work together. I think my best option may be to find someone who is already doing robotics and work with them although I think that may be way more expensive.

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You are welcome!

Here are some “robots” that are doing similar:

Actually, these are kind of toys, but they have sensors along the body and they react by movement, sound and similar.