Vacuum Gripper Suction Cup

What are the dimensions of this suction cup?
[h4]Product Code : RB-Anv-01[/h4]

I searched the forums and may have come across an outside diameter measurement of 15mm? What is the inside diameter? Would a fitting be needed to attach to silicone tubing with an inside diameter of 4mm and outside diameter of 6mm?


Hi gkuehner,

Here are the correct dimensions of the suction cup:

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Awesome, thanks.

I need to move a stack of envelopes to a writing surface where I have a robot writing machine to address the envelopes.
Will this attachment work for that? Will it suction paper?

Will it reach down to the highest envelope as the stack gets smaller then place it on the writing surface (which never moves)?

Thank you.

@mwc A vacuum attachment is what you need for that type of application, however are you considering the rest of the robotic arm? If so, there are two general approaches:

  1. Program the robot to incrementally drop lower and lower as the stack of envelopes is used
  2. Have the top envelope in the stack always be at the same position.

Approach #2 is more “mechanical” than the first one and can be accomplished a few ways, like using springs or even gravity (laying the stack on its side and slightly at an angle in a guide rail. A third approach would be to use two small friction wheels below the stack to move only the bottom envelope (keeping the rest of the stack aside).

Thank you @cbenson! I’m a complete novice so this is a helpful starting point.