Using sabertooth board wired/ tethered

Hi everybody

I would like my rover to explore old mine / tunnels.
As radio does not travel underground it has to be tethered. Where can I find instructions about using sabertooth board tethered?
Has some of you done it?

@ariane98 Many Sabertooth accept analog voltage, which can be used directly with a wired potentiometer. However, a 5V signal only goes so far, so after a distance, the signal simply won’t reach the board. What is the distance exactly? Hard to tell, but likely not beyond a few feet. For long distances, you might consider a “proper” tether system where the signal is intended for long distances, like Ethernet, Fiber Optics etc. The controller becomes secondary. At this time, RobotShop only carries UUV tether systems from BlueRobotics (likely well beyond your budget). If there are other ideas, I’ll come back to this post, otherwise hopefully members of the community might provide some insight.

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