URGENT: How do I setup the Seeed Studio SD Card Shield?

Recently, I bought the Seeed Studio SD Card Shield from Radio Shack for a decent price, around $13.00. It's composed of a shield with an sd card in which you cna use it with the arduino microcontroller. The only problem is: How do I set it up to the arduino library so that I am able to use it to play a wav file with a speaker? I have looked evreywhere online, but nothing has helped. I need help immediately. Thanks.

                                                                                                                                                                Best regards,



This is for a forum post, not a project page.

Seek help in the forums. “Something Else” is for presentation of cool non-robotic projects.

Thank you

Thanks for the link. For some reason, my computer cannot open the files. Is there another solution to this? If so, please intend to tell.

What do you recommend as the first initial program to use?

I just want to know the best program to test how the shield is working. After that, I am finally set.  :)

Thanks much.

Ok. Thanks much for your support. I appreciate speaking to one of many various civillians in the field of robotics. :slight_smile: