Urgent - Arm SESV2 Rotational Base bearings are breaking!

We have 2 SESV2 5DOF arms that are part of a New Media art festival exhibition. We have been lubricating the base and will be trying a new lubrication, but we found that the ball bearings are breaking. We need to replace them urgently as the piece is on display now and for the rest of this week. Robotshop is closed, so we are looking for alternatives. Does anyone have any extra of these ball bearings that they would be willing to sell to us and overnight to our address in Santa Fe, NM.

Hi bravenew,

We have a ticket open with you guys and I’ve push it to our RMA department this morning.
Not sure if anything can be shipped overnight but I’m suggesting to send the following:

  • 2x - RB-2wb-02 - Silicon Grease (3g)
  • 20x - RB-Gre-01 - Plastic Bearing Beeds - Black - OD 6mm
  • 20x - RB-Mcm-09 - Stainless Steel Dowel Pin 1/16in Diameter, 3/8in Length
  • 2x - RB-Lei-91 - Lynxmotion SES - LSS Base Rotate Top Plate (LEI)

The squeaking sound usually come from the beads / bearing friction on the steel dowel pin.
It’s important to have some lubricant inside the beads / bearing cavity. (Maybe even Jig-a-Loo…)

All the best,

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Thank you Eric! We appreciate your support and intervention. We will be ordering within the next couple of hours.