Upon trigger, motor should complete one revolution and stop

I am using a 28BYJ48 motor but open to other options if better suited.

I simply want to do the following

IF human presses switch/button, then motor should complete one revolution and stop. Repeat again when button is pressed.

How can I go about this? Goal is to save space and eliminate the need for microcontroller/other parts as this is the only thing i need the motor to do.

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HI @keencreator and welcome to our forum.

I don’t see how to use 28BYJ48 motor without stepper driver and Arduino. It should be very easy to connect a button to Arduino and make a small program that would do one rotation of the motor when the button is pressed.

What comes to my mind is a mechanical switch that would cut power supply to the motor exactly when the motor returns to starting position. This is how automotive wiper motors are working and these motors have these mechanical switches integrated inside.