Unofficial Propeller Expos for 2010


Free Food and Robotic toys!!! Yaaa!!!

I just saw yesterday that there are Propeller Expo's scheduled for this year. Last year when I attended they gave everyone a Propeller Proto Board at the door just for comming to the event. I also got several other parts there for free. I will be going to the West Coast [USA] event that will open on Saturday June 26 at 10 AM PST and they won't close the doors until Sunday the 27th at 4 PM! That is where I introduced Gaget Ganster to LMR

For more info on all of the events, click here. For info on the one that I will attend click here.

You can see my write up of last year's event here. Or the official one here

This time I might stay long enough to see Kevin's fire shooting robot!


I plan to take one large LMR
I plan to take one large LMR poster with me and my TOBI Robot