Unknown dimensions of neoprene foam tires

What is the inner diameter of the 3/4" thick foam tires? I need this to make sure I buy the correctly sized hubs.

@honroy Welcome to the RobotShop Community. These wheels are used in the hobby industry and are meant for ~1/8" diameter shafts with some play. They seem to fit 3mm to 4mm diameter shafts, but since they are through-hole, you’ll need some way to attach the motor shaft.

Sorry for the confusing wording, but I meant the diameter of the tires themselves without the hubs, I’m planning on getting some stronger hubs for these wheels.

Ah, understood. Don’t know of anyone who has removed the plastic center to only use the foam. It’s not normally a measurement which is considered. The plastic center seems to be around 1.2" diameter (based on measuring the photo, so don’t take it as too exact), but if I recall correctly, there may be an inner shape (without ripping the foam off, which is glued to the plastic). To ensure you make the correct hub, it’s best to purchase it and measure it precisely.

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