Unboxing from the box

I have found great deals at “…inthebox.com” and they are great at creating rings and loops to jump through if, somehow you are charged ALOT for a misconception…or not. After months, (MONTHS) of trying to get their attention, being told to go to this, select that, press this, click that- I still have not received refunds.
Anyhow- will update this rant.
Regarding unboxing; the LCD modules (4 of them) all were faulty. These will the nice white on blue that mount over the mega, no wiring. You know the word- I cannot think of it at this moment…

When the hard drive is full, files are slow to be found I guess… Sigh.

What to do with my Robosapion (sp?) 2.0
So, trying to install better camera, better parts in the head generally, time took the project away. Now it sits headless and actually starts up fine, but cannot do anything (heads typically need not be taken off I find) it verbally diagnostic test says nothing is wrong, it was like 250$. Anyone have some idea of something fun to do with it? The CPU is great, but how to tap into it without literally destroying the very intricate gear systems?

It also helped me a lot when
It also helped me a lot when i was suffering from the looping module. Trusted and must be followed. Thanks!