Unable to remove driving horn from 4 DoF arm servo

on the 4 DoF arm, i am completely unable to remove the driving horn. i had no problem removing the idler horn, but the driving horn just turns whenever i try to remove the screw. anyone have an answer?


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Hi @bananaman and welcome to our forum!

Can you please give us your order ID?

Thank you.

@bananaman Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Did you purchase a compatible bracket which you can attach to the output horn so you can prevent it from rotating? The idea is to use two opposing 2-56 threaded holes in the horn to keep it from rotating.

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I’m having the same problem. In fact, I can’t get either horn to budge and the screws seem soft and they want to strip. Anyone have some advice?

I tried to remove the horns on 3 STL servos. I was able to remove all three idle horns and two of the output horns, stripping three screws in the process. I think I’m good to go for this build, but my advice is (a) use a lot of force, and (b) use one of the brackets as a brace, as @cbenson suggested.

@maximillianvitek Welcome to the RobotShop Community. There was a bit too much Loctite between the driving horn screw and the output shaft. This has been corrected in subsequent productions. We can send additional M3 screws, and can exchange the third servo. If you’d like to proceed simply reply here and we’ll arrange the shipment.

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Thanks for the offer – really great support – but there is no need. My build succeeded and I’ll probably be buying more of these servos. Do you guys have any hexapod kits that work with the LSS?


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Currently being worked on here when people have time:

Feel free to join in the conversation:

The humanoid:



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