Ultrasonic sensor I2C bus sharing

I read the RWCL-1601 ultrasonic sensor works over I2C but only if it has a dedicated I2C bus shared with no other I2C devices. Does anyone know if this is true? If so is there another I2C ultrasonic sensor that can share an I2C bus because I need this feature. How about the RCWL-9620 sold here at RobotShop? Will it work on a shared I2C bus? Any others? Thanks.

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Hi @perigalacticon ,

We will check with our supplier of RCWL-9620 if they have any info regarding I2C bus sharing.

We will get back to you.

I was going through the Adafruit description.

It says- “It doesn’t like to share the I2C bus, we think it gets confused by other commands and can lock up the bus.** So best used when you either don’t have other I2C sensors or devices, or there’s more than one I2C bus. Still, despite this restriction, we think it’s probably still useful for some folks who are using a microcomputer or controller that can’t do fast GPIO toggling for trigger/pulse or don’t have a hardware UART available.”

So, what you read earlier is true. You can chose the HCSR04 instead.

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Hi @perigalacticon ,

Here is a reply from M5Stack support:

As long as the address is different, it would have no problem to use the shared I2C bus.

But the Adafruit sensor you sent below is having the same I2C address(0x57) with ours.

So they could not share the same I2C bus.