Ultrasonic sensor GH-311 Interfacing

DC-SS014_Ver1.0_EN.pdf (353602Bytes)

Got this from a local store but I'm not sure how to wire it.

The product can be viewed here: http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/Ultrasound-Motion-Sensor-for-Robotic-Basic-Stamp_W0QQitemZ350300122391QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item518f83ad17

Page 4 of schematic…

Page 4 of schematic…

That’s the part I dun

That’s the part I dun understand. What is the “J” and how to connect it to the MCU.

a transistor and diode is required rite?


This is very different from the PING))) sensor where the signal line is connected directly to the MCU.

Well, this sonar sensor runs

Well, this sonar sensor runs on 6-12VDC, which would fry a regular microcontroller. As for the “J”, I have no idea what that is. The Transistor and Diode is required. I assume the “J” is some sort of light or output device, what it is exactly I don’t know. I believe that this is a digital sensor, when it sees something, the output goes “High”, and when it doesn’t it goes “Low”. You can try and run it on 5VDC and get lucky.

I would connect it to your

I would connect it to your power source(6v using 4 AA’s or something) and check the voltage on the output pin and confirm what krumlink mentioned. Since we really don’t know if it’s analogue or digital, connecting it to a multimeter would be the route I’d go.

Check to see if the voltage changes vs distance…if it i does, you can read it with an adc…if it’s just high or low, go with digital reading. jut make sure it is in fact 5v.

You could also hook up the output to a led to see if it goes high or if the level varies when something is in front of it if you don’t have a multimeter. make sure to use a resistor just in case.

I don’t think the transistor is necessary though if you can confirm the output voltage(which it says 0v-5v) still to be on the safe side, use 5v on the emmiter side hook up an led and resistor and see what happens.

Have no idea what J is…


EDIT: of course a quick search on google found this


so it’s pretty much an on/off…

I think J is a relay

I think J is a relay switch…i too have this sensor. i thought it is equillant to ping sensor. but it is not. i totally disappointed. it is a only proximity sesor.

some discussions here


If anybody hack this sensor and make it range sensor…post it here…





Thanx guys. I’ve hooked up the sensor to 5V & GND and the output to the multimeter. (no transistor, diodes, J, etc.)

When it is within range, (~110cm), the reading is 4.34V, anything further will give 0V.

Using a 6V supply, the detection range increases. (kinda out-or-range in my small room)


I guess one way to alter the detection range is by connecting a resistor in series with the +ve terminal so as to control the V?


Will it damage the I/O pins if no transistors or diodes are used?


Min supply: ~ 4.4V

Range : ~ 54 cm

return V : ~ 3.7 V

Conclusion: no suitable application yet