Ultrasonic Sensor Bracket for Pixy

US_Bracket-A.stl (677356Bytes)
US_Bracket-B.stl (690493Bytes)
A common requirement is to add ranging to a Pixy so you can detect an object and determine it’s distance. This is a bracket to firmly mount the commonest types of ultrasonic sensor below the Pixy lens.

The bracket was designed for the US-100 ultrasonic sensor shown in the images. It also fits the SRF05 which has a slightly shorter and thicker PCB. The file for this is US_Bracket-A.

The HC-SR04 has components closer to the PCB edge and file US_Bracket-B shortens one of the guides to allow for this. (I haven’t printed the ‘B’ off but it should hold secure enough.)

Insert the sensor from the top before sliding the bracket onto the Pixy to butt against the lens body. The sensor connector does partially cover the Pixy LED, but if this is a problem in your application remove the header and wire direct to the sensor PCB.

I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on more too.
I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on more too. There’s not many projects on Youtube that show anything much more than the pan and tilt function, although Adafruit have picked it up and done this with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ken1zjEb3OM so it may come to wider attention.
I was disappointed when I got mine around 3 months ago running firmware V1.something, but I’ve just picked it up again recently and the current 2.0.8 is a lot better.

(Just seen your robot using a Pixy - Nice :¬)