Hey there, this is the first robot Ive ever made... and not the sturdiest of machines.... or prettiest.

Just a rover. My first Arduino project was a joystick operated 3DOF arm, this seemed like the next step and, oposed to the arm which I used other peoples code and just stuck the pieces together, this code is mostly mine... as clunky as it is.

I started looking into building robots as a way to better learn coding as Ive only really stared this year for the day job.

Its at a level that I think this prototype works, not brilliantly but a good start. Next I might build a proper enclosure and tweak the code... then Im moving onto something that can fly:)

Excuse the poor quality of the video

Nice job for your first

Nice job for your first rover! Have you thought about putting in on a robot page?

That shield on the Arduino looks interesting. Did you come up with it yourself?