Ubuntu & atmega

So my pickit2 kept failing, even with only pic in circiut. FinallyI got fed up of pics and windows. I deleted windows, moved to ubuntu, took out mu usbasp and atmega88. Tried to get pickit analyser (like computer oscilloscope) working on linux but it seems impossible, so I have to use windows computer for that. I also found out that linux + pic programming = big no no.


Programming atmega88 with usbasp works perfect. I'll try to get everything(ir sensors, ir receiver, leds, ir leds, pressure sensors etc.) attached to Snapper and then I will make a good circuit board. I'm tired of breadboard robots.


I have no extra servos and no money at all, but i needed some gearmotors for my robot hand, so i took random stepper motor and handful of gears and built one. I had previously found out ~5 ways not to build a gearbox so this time it was success!! It has like 1:100 gear ratio and it works pretty well. Two gearboxes more and i have enough :)

First I’d like to say I
First I’d like to say I applaud your move to Ubuntu Linux, I made the move years ago and am quite pleased. Second PICs and Ubuntu do play well together I’ve had great success in the past. If you want a good list of software tools for PICs under Ubuntu see my post here http://www.electro-tech-online.com/micro-controllers/92689-using-linux-developing-platform.html#post735909

Looks nice but i think
Looks nice but i think pickit2 analyser tool will still be windows only. And pic developing will come later… some day when i need stupid, mindless tasks done again.