Two leg 4 feet insect-like walker

Component list
-arduino nano clone(or an arduino uno)
-6 male to female jumper wires
-usb b to mini b cable
-smartphone powerbank with usb(or 4 nimh AA)
-2 microservo 9g

file needed to reproduce it here TwoServo on Github.


The front servo draws current from Vin, and the rear servo draws current from 5v pin.
The robot has an expected lifetime of 2 hours, then it can be recharged any usb charger.

This is a really low cost robot that can be built for under 10€, 3d printed parts can be made with cardboard and takes about 3 hours of print time.
The legs are soldered directly on the servo header, but can also be just screwed.
If each servo gets at least 2.7v it runs smoothly.

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