Two Arduino operating a set of 4 esc+motor


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

Description: Can two Arduinos be connected to 4 esc+motor combinations such that each Arduino can operate the motors with a different program(one multiwii quadx and another custom made)? And how is the connection possible?, steps would be helpful

Hardware concerned:brushless dc motor, esc, Arduino

Software concerned: multi wii and another custom-made

Troubleshooting steps already taken:

Additional information:

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hi Kamsur,

Not sure exactly what you want to achieve but let me explain something.
The ESC’s are made to be connected to an R/C system (radio control) and they will need a R/C PWM signal.

You can connect multiple sources to the ESC if needed, as long as only one is sending the signal at a time.


Thank you…each Arduino will send signal not at the same time, ur reply was helpful