Turnigy TGY-SM 811R 360° rotation servo

need a turnigy TGY-SM 811R 360° rotation servo or similar servo for a project.
speed and torque are not a problem .
need 360 rotation with metal spline ct 23.


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Hi @Old_Crow_emeritus and welcome to the forum.

It seems that Turnigy TGY-SM 811R 360° has been discontinued.

But here you can find a list of servo manufacturers that use C23T spline: RC Servo Spline Chart - RobotDigg

It seems that RobotShop does not carry any of these (Aitronics, JR, KO, MRC, Multiplex, SANWA, Spektrum).

But for example, you can look at the SANWA (ex Airtronics) servo motors here since they should have C23T: https://www.sanwa-denshi.com/rc/car/servo/

I hope this helps.

to clarify
servo hunting is new to me
i hope this clarifies what a would like
my transmitter is a Spectrum DX5C.
I have a tgy-s8166m servo with spline metal ct 23 rotates 60°

I need at least a rotation of 360°.

I also have a Hitec HS-725BB the rotation is great but need the larger metal spline.

what is needed is a servo that will rotate a GoPro at 0° 90° 180° and 360°
servo mounted on a RC power boat.
servo will be controlled by the aux channel 1 set at trim + and - 15 with a hs-725bb now, but need a c23t spline


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Hi @Old_Crow_emeritus,

I don’t know a lot of servo motors that have range of 0 to 360° that are not continuous rotation servos, and especially with C23T spline.

Here is one Hitec servo sold by RobotShop that can do 3.5 turns: https://www.robotshop.com/products/hitec-hs-785hb-winch-servo-motor

Also, there are Lynxmotion Smart Servos that can rotate from 0 to 360° in R/C mode: https://www.robotshop.com/products/lynxmotion-smart-servo-lss-standard-st1