Trouble with Query Pulse width... example code? , SSC32U, Arduino

i am currently trying to build a Hexapod. I managed to write Sequences on the Arduino IDE and control the Servo´s over TX/RX with the SSC32U. What i did was putting delays between the commands like :

Serial.println(“#0 P 1500 T1000);
Serial.println(”#0 P 1200 T1000);

Which did work fine! But as next Step i want to control the Speed with a external variable
therefore i want to request the movement Status with command QP( SO i wont send the next command while movement isnt finished). For some Reason i just get -1 in the Serial Monitor which stands for “no Data received” . Arduino and SSC32U are Grounded together. Below ist my Test with QP.

position =;
Serial.print("POSITION ");

Is there someone who could provide a example code with arduino + SS32U for so i could test? Maybe it´s a hardware Error on Arduino/SSC32U?

Is there another way “blocking” the next command and to wait till actual movement has finished ?

Greets from Germany :slight_smile:

@weintraube Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Why not take a look at the preexisting Phoenix hexapod code?

These use the (old) PS2 controller as input, but you can adapt that.

The BotBoarduino is effectively an Arduino Duemilanove with a bunch of extra IO and features, so you can easily use another Arduino instead.

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