Trouble Posting Pictures

I am having a new issue with trying to post pictures in my in-work robot project, TG1.  The Insert/Edit Image window isn't working for me. I get a beep when when I click on browse button and nothing happens. I experimented with turning off popup blocker, lowering security settings, etc but nothing has worked yet. Any body else seen that? I am using Windows 7 Home Premium.

When I get some time

I’ll try using those other sites. I can get to the window with the address field, but cant’ browse my computer for the files.


I see.

The image has to be hosted somewhere. There is no function to upload the image from your computer. They have limited ability to host some photo files on the servers that host this site.

I personally use photobucket, but, I would imagine any site that actually has a static link to the image will be fine.


Say you can upload it to facebook,that’s damn easy (and I’m sure you must have an account as well) :slight_smile:

and then as everybody else have suggested, you can copy the URL of the picture to the address bar so that you dont have to browse the computer.