Tricycle Skeleton R/C

Using the Super Servo idea from a previous project, steering was added to a tricycle. Drive is a razer scooter motor and a new rain cheapo esc. Skeleton was zip tied to pedals and pvc hip joints complete the haunt. oh, radio is a cheapo hobby king 2 channel pistol. It is very robust and powerful, 4000mah 12v lipo batt has more than enough time on duty for halloween.

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That’s well done! Needs a servo to actuate the mouth and a speaker. Cover the back with a bag and pretend it was a trick or treater? Glowing red eyes? So many ideas!

You just won halloween

Pretty amazing. As Cbenson mentioned, some sounds + lights would be the cherry on the cake :slight_smile:

Nice job

Simple, elegant, creative. Bet there will be copies next year!!!


 I just wish I had done it years ago. We all have those projects in our head, waiting to get out. Strange, it seems the grown ups like him even more than the kids.