TriCopter - QuadCopter - Project

Ok All… that is the frame that will be cut…

Complete set of pics… … 232345098/

There will be more … :wink:

Ah, cool.

I made this:

Its based on a Project called “Shrediquette”.

I milled all frames for William except the tricopter frame. Check out the “Kamerun” Video!

My Tricopter in flight:

Wow… that’s a realy cool tricopter.
Tanks a lot, it will help me.

Is there a reason why you use so short heli booms ?

If only my CNC was working right… i could have make any parts i need… :frowning:

I wanted to have a copter with smaller footprint. There is no other reason.
In the meantime i changed back to longer arms and 2.4Ghz.
What parts do you need?

i tried building one from SES a few years ago:
other links that my be of use: old posts.

I need parts for the center frame, motor mount and yaw.
I like your yaw mechanism. Do you have other view of it ? (If you don’t mind showing me)
Witch size helicopter boom did you use. 450 or 500 ?

Tanks :wink:
It’s good to know that i am not the only one who like thoses…!!

Found that control board:
Look interesting. I have ask the guy

I will post some views of the yaw mechanism when i am back home.

Do you need some parts to be milled?

Yes maybe, still need to figure wich components i will use and design for it…

And will try again my CNC… :frowning:

Hi all,

I have found something interesting today. Open source Multicopter arduino based program.

So after see some rcgroups thread… i have order

A arduino Pro Mini 328

A shield board

And i already have a wii motion plus to use at home. (for the gyro)

another thread

Done yesterday night…!
It’s alive

Humm… i think i will go for a Quad finaly…
High Res

far more easier. im glad you made that move on your own. :wink:

im trying to get my board fixed for mine!

Do you think that building the arms this way is a good idea?
They might be not as stiff as they should be for a proper work of the flightcontrol

What is your recommendation ?

The frame is small, i don’t think it’s an issue. But have no background in making quadcopter. Will be in 0.094in G10

Here is some dimensions

Yes i do think it will make for an easier frame. Since there is no Yaw movement.
I was planing to use 4 HobbyKing Helicopter gyro. And that setup ca only be use in a tricopter.
Since i go with a flight board “MultiWii” i can drive almost any setup. :wink:

Somebody will cut the parts for me for that one, i will only pay material and shipping.
Will maybe see the design be sell on his website…!

The centerplate is ok, but i would design the arms as a closed square in diameter (its hard to explain in english for me).
My smaller quadros and hexa are designed like your quad and there is heavy wobble to be seen while hoovering.

A tube would be optimal, i can recommend the carbon tail booms from T-Rex 450 helicopter. Those are pretty cheap in China: … duct=10981

Yes i am on the same problem… lol my original language is French.

I can make the arms shorter. But i don’t know witch prop i will use.

Thoses last two you show doesn’t have the cool “Cube” sensor. Can it be a gyro problem ?
Cause wooble in “Helicopter” is ofter a gyro gain problem.

That’s the first of probably others… lol

In the meantime i need to make my CNC work so i can cut my own test design.

Yes carbon boom and even aluminum boom are cheap. 0.66$ for the alu … lol

The 2 pdf file to show parts…
DiaLFonZo - G10 Quad - Center Plate - Rev1.0.pdf (11.3 KB)
DiaLFonZo - G10 Quad - Arm - Rev1.0.pdf (9.67 KB)

Interesting project!

Did you say you were going to use the Arduino and flight control shield? How’s your CNC coming along?

Alan KM6VV