Transmitting 2 HD-SDI video streams over wireless

Hello all, I've got a problem I've been scratching my head on for a couple days and figured I see if anyone here can help. 

Let me set the scene. 

You have two high definition camera's onboard a robot that have HD-SDI (or HDMI) outputs. 

You need to transmit these camera feeds to a laptop wirelessly to view. 

You have a small "mini-PC" computer on the robot (similar to one of these 

You can also have a wireless router on the robot (it's decent sized robot...about 2-3 feet long and ~60 lbs)

How would you go about it? 

Only thing I've found is this but it's $1700.

There's got to be a cheaper way to network HD-SDI or HDMI cameras. I know they make HD camera's that output GigE, but the ones I've found are about twice as big as the ones with HD-SDI. (GigE on the right, HD-SDI on the left)

You see, I'm mounting one camera on a robot's arm, and the other is on a pan-tilt unit. I'd like the camera's to be as small as possible, but I have a lot of room on the base of the robot for converters/routers and what not. Also, I'm aware of ExpressCard and PCLe card frame grabbers, but the computer I am getting won't be capable of using them. 

Any ideas? 




How important is video quality?

I would imagine, if streaming HD video was cost effective, wireless televisions would be marketed heavily. :slight_smile:

That said, could you not just feed the two video feeds to the laptop, compress the data, and transmit the compressed video?

I don’t have a way to get

I don’t have a way to get the video into the computer. I’m thinking about just switching to stardard definition cameras. 

On the image of the camera you show,

is that a DVI plug in the center on the bottom? If not, what kind of connector is it?

That’s an RS232 connector

That’s an RS232 connector that is used to control things like zoom and iris, etc remotely using Sony’s VISCA software. It’s a pretty cool little camera (it’d better be for $1600).

The other connectors are:

BNC connector (for NTSC or standard definition output)

HD-SDI connector (which is just a BNC I think)

And a 4 pin power connector.


Would the following work for you?

AJA Hi5 3D Mini Converter - 3G/HD-SDI Multiplexer to HDMI 1.4a and SDI Video and Audio Converter: Electronics [B004JLDQ16] - US$222.75 : Camovere Store

add an hdmi to usb, and, if I am reading it right, you will only need one for two cameras, if you can accept the images side by side(?).

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