Torque Comparison

Dear Robotshop Community.

I currently have the following motor:

I’m looking to purchase the following motor:

Is the motor I’m planning to buy much more powerful than the one I have already? They both say their 50:1 gear ratio & the new motor is only 20rpm less than the one I have which is 120rpm.
The new motor has 42KG-CM stall torque and my current one has 123.2 Oz-In so I’m confused with comparing both motors. If anyone can explain how much more torque the new motor is compared to my current one I’d appreciate that allot. Thank you very much & I look forward to your reply.

Hello @Mus84 and welcome to the forum!

The motor you already have has a rated torque of 15.83 oz-in and a stall torque of 123.2 oz-in and the one you are planning to buy has a rated torque of 7 kg-cm (97 oz-in) and a stall torque of 42 kg-cm (583 oz-in), so yes it is more powerfull. To convert from kg-cm to oz/in you simply need to multiply by 13.88.

I hope that answers your question :grinning:

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