TomTom, the bot who was seeking its way

My son gave me approval to post his robot here.

His project is for school where he will have a little show to explain what passion he has. As it was more complex to bring the drums to school, he decided to talk about robotics.

Earlier this year, he had a small "passion" fair where he exposed a Lego Mindstorms machine which solves Rubik's Cube.

This time, he wanted something moving. As I had a good first experience with DFRobot products, I bought him the mechanical 2WD kit.

Kit de base de DFRobotPorte piles

I added my Romeo board (an Arduino with nice features such as motor drivers, servo pins...)


He added a servo to mount a head:


Just to add a HSR04 on printed mount (the smile idea came from PopPet, thanks Jaidyn ;) )


The code is done by me but the logic has been discussed before with the little boss :)

As soon as I have the right behavior as specified by his Greatness My Son, I'll post the code and of course a video.

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