TITAN robot

This project is HUGE. Lets start form the begining, I am a university student and for my final project I wanted to do a big robot, that is untill I found out that the university picks a group of projects and you choose one, so I've decided to make it anyway. 

UPDATE: New post has me controlling servos with my arms!!! check it out at my blog

UPDATE: New blog is up and running go to titanblog.tk. there is also a donate button on the blog which would really help me out. there is no minimum limit so just give what you want

UPDATE:    Currently trying to get the kinect to talk to the arduino with little sucess. So far the computer recognises the kinect, is able to get skeleton data and I can now move three circles relitive to my head and my hands. The current aim is to move two servos in relation to my hands. Been using visual basic but have seen videos using Processing so will give that a try next. Wish me luck :)

Tech specs:

Microsoft Kinect, computer/laptop and a couple of Arduinos working together over Xbee radio or something similar

Physical specs:

The goal is for it to be around 6 feet in height, the reason behind this is because it is going to be aimed at rescue and recon missions in natural and unnatural disasters. Large beefy caterpilar tracks and a humanoid upperbody, think this only about X15 bigger :)


To get this done within this year, hopefully. I know that this is a very big longshot but i think that with help a support that I (or we) can get this done.

If you want to get involved in this project you can follow it on twitter @TitanRobot or email [email protected]


** Sounds like a cool idea.**

 Sounds like a cool idea. Iv’e actually wanted to do something like this, but just haven’t found the time yet (good luck with getting it done in a year :P).