Tiny adventures in motor control


Since my last blog entry about using timers and interrupts on the Atmel Tiny 26P, I have put together a driving lego monster with homemade dual h-brigdes that in principle should be able to eat something like 25A or so - of course the wires used are not able to carry that much current but hey I only had those IRF540 and IRF9540 hexfets lying around :-).The controller is still the Tiny26P and my goal is to make this my I2C enabled motor driver for later use with other stuff.

Anyway I have succesfully made the bloody thing drive its two lego motors (these are the ones used) using the Timer1's PWM capabilities and it seems to run pretty darn fast. I will refrain from uploading any videos until I have completed the next step in this adventure which is to make it radio controlled using my controller and receiver from my R/C monster truck.

I must say it's pretty smooth with the AVR-GCC compiler running under linux - just like beggar's canyon back home ;-).

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures :-D

Oh btw... C code is attached.

Schematic (click on image for full size):