Tiniest servos for pan and tilt

Hi there i am contructing a sewer camera i am working with portenta 7h In this platform platform it will have a metal casing around it’s protect it from any water intrusion however as you know pipes vary from 2" all the way to 8" my camera doesn’t have to be a small which it is however thowever the servers do also have to be detained as the tiniest there can be so it can fit anywhere from 2" to 8" what do you guys make a recommendation of what service should I get from your website in order to achieve this also in the future I do want to construct a rover also waterproof So we can attach it to our camera and and inspect a sewer lines add a more professional way thank you so much for your help I appreciate it and I will be hearing from you guys back thank you

@Ulisesd9 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. You can make microscopic pan/tilt using wires, but you mention “servo”. The smallest “standard” sized RC servos are 9g, so the following might be of interest: