Timed Actuator ( automatic timed Button pusher )


I need to build an actuator, arm, robot or something which will press a button for me, I mean on a keyboard, alarm clock, or any other button, hold it pressed for some interval and then let go. I need to be able to configure this interval very precisely, up to 10th of a second. I was thinking of getting an actuator, and interfacing it with some mechanism which will allow me to set the timer very precisely. I am more into computer software than mechanical/electrical engineering, so please bear with me. 


Thanks in advance for any replies.



I would imagine the least complex way to do this

would be to use an arduino, 1/4 of a typical motor driver, and, a solenoid. Place the solenoid in a mount over the button you wish to press. Wire the solenoid to a single output of the h-bridge. Tie the Enable for that side HIGH. Program the arduino to activate the solenoid when you want it to push, and then set up a counter to wait for the proper moment to deactivate the solenoid.

**Note: I suggested a solenoid over a servo, because a solenoid will be much quicker to move in my opinion. I am sure more knowledgeable members will agree or disagree as the case may be. :slight_smile:

Thanks,Is there a way I can


Is there a way I can get something which I can hook up to the arduino, which would allow me to set the timer accurately, something like an led display with a few buttons on it. 

Once again for the lowest parts count.

I would lean toward an LCD module, and, for input you can either go with simple buttons or a parallax 5 position switch. Once you have that, it should be a simple matter of adding the proper LCD lib to your arduino sketch and reading the inputs from the switch.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Thanks, I’ll try that.